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Stone is the Ideal ECB Violation Defense Lawyer

Former Environmental Control Board (ECB) judge Ron Stone has presided over administrative trials covering all ECB charges of violation.

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  • Building Code Violations: Possible $100k+ fine.
  • Asbestos Abatement: Possible $100k+ fine.
  • Fire Code Violations: Possible "Vacate" order.
  • Illegal Occupancy (work without permit): Possible $100k+ fine, loss of premises.
  • Illegal Waste (toxic and non-toxic) Facilities: Possible "Vacate" order.
  • Water: Meter readers differ vastly from NYC "estimated" past penalties.
  • Illegal Dumping: $10k+ fine, loss of dump truck.
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Environmental Control Board (ECB) ex-judge and now your defense attorney for all violations, all boroughs.

30+ years of legal experience: Ronald Stone is a graduate of Yale Law School and has published many scholarly articles. He has gained unparalleled experience as a working lawyer in courts high and low, federal and state.

Of Counsel:
Paul Appel, Esq.
Columbia Law School Graduate
40 years as litigator, courts high & low


  • Department of Building, Housing and Environmental Laws Rules and Regulations
  • Sanitations, Asbestos, SRO's, Waste Disposal, Transfer Stations, Impounds, Illegal Dumping, Impounds
  • Minor Violations: Fire Department, Dirty Sidewalk, Recycling, Snow & Ice, Dept. of Transportation
  • Employment Law
  • Civil Rights Discrimination
  • Transactional Law (Real Estate, Contracts, etc)
  • Complex and General Litigation
  • Appeals to ALL Courts, State and Federal
  • Environmental Control Board Internal Appeals
  • Cases of First Impression
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